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Monday, October 26, 2020  


AVRA - Radio - Video

AVRA. Is an advance Radio automation software with HDvideo playout capability (720p) and 6ch video mixing software with built-in CG& Graph Generator to add station logo, news crawls, weather info and customlegends. Includes H.264 video encoder (720p) with RTMP output for Flash/Wowzastreaming server providers.

AVRA is the evolution of the the Radio. By addingVideo Server capabilities, a new world of opportunities appears forBroadcasters, audiences and clients.

AVRA is made to work with social media like Skype,Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Ideal for broadcasters that are seeking to move intothe new era of 'Multimedia Radio' transmissions (audio+online video). IncludesSmartCAM automatic camera selection interface. Connect this USB box to youraudio console's GPO outputs and let AVRA HDVmixer switch your studio camerasautomatically when each MIC fader is opened. The video program will follow theaction in the studio with no burden on the DJ. AVRA consists of 32 softwaremodules to fulfill all the requirements of the broadcaster's workflow: musicand video ingest, music scheduling, radio traffic module, etc. The productcomes with a 12 month 'Service User Agreement' (SUA). This service contractentitles the broadcaster to free software upgrades and technical support (bothemail & remote access).


With the HD 7 MCR you only need content and otherwise do not worry. The emission integrated solution has everything you need for your channel to have the best quality and versatility of modern technology.

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